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What is WordPress Plugin?

in general, when talking about plugins,  the term plugin is an extension for a software program, which gives it additional functions.

But most of the time, “plugin” is a WordPress plugin, extension or module for WordPress software.

WordPress plugin directory contain now nearly 20,000 plugins recorded and ready to download.

But that is not all the plugins that exist for WordPress.

There are also many premium plugins that are paid. These are mainly sold by their programmers on their websites and on other commercial websites like ProWP.com

How does WorPress Plugins Work?

By using a hook, you can “hook” your own functions at a point defined in WordPress code.

If you build their extensions at these points, the modifications survive the next update without damage.

Binding functions are either entered into the functions.php file in the theme folder, or immediately packed into a plugin that exists in the Plugins directory.

They are stored there separately from the core WordPress code.

What and How to Use WordPress HOOKS?

There are two types of hooks: actions and filters.

What can WordPress plugins do?

Plugins are extensions of the central system.

An extension gives software manufacturers the opportunity to add benefits to standard WordPress software through new features that WordPress has not previously offered.

There is a generally plugin for almost all applications. Security,E-commerce, member sites, multilingual websites, backups,booking engines, tickets and much more.

For example, for SEO there is the Yoast plugin. This Yoast WordPress SEO plugin will help you with almost all optimizations on the page and give you complete instructions for SEO beginners. In the premium version you get suggestions for internal links, a redirect manager and different options.

For later use, for example, to build an online store, there is a WooCommerce-Plugin. This plugin is a flexible open source WordPress based eCommerce solution. Whether you start a business, create an online presence for an existing business, or design customer websites, you can start quickly and easily and create exactly the store you need.

How to find WordPress plugins?

First, you need to search for the desired functionality plugins in the WordPress Admin Area.
The WordPress admin area can usually be accessed by visiting the wp-admin directory in your web browser. Example: https://www.yourdomainname.com/wp-admin/. But since there are no paid add-ons to be found in the admin area, one should on the commercial side.

WordPress Premium Plugins versus free WordPress plugins

Free plugins:

Free removes the cost barrier to testing new software, allows you to test a plug-in without compromising, but carries greater risk. However, not all are the same: The official WordPress plugin directory has a strict quality control process that ensures that the plugins do nothing malicious or have security vulnerabilities.

Premium accessories:

Premium plugins are available through third-party directories or directly from plugin developers.

There are three main advantages to premium plugins.

  1. The quality of the code and the security of the premium plugins are usually better than the free plugins, this is largely due to the fact that developers earn income that gives them time to improve the code and protect it against hackers.
  2. Support: When you pay for an add-on, you become the customer; This introduces a support obligation under consumer law.
  3. Updates – It is in the best interest of a premium plug-in developer to keep the plug-in working and introduce new features through updates – this supports current customers, ensures the plug-in remains functional, and introduces new ca


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